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Existing GTROC Members and Forum Users will notice a number of changes to the layout of this Forum. Please take the time to explore and find your way around. If you have changed your password within the last twelve months or so you may need to re-set your password again. You may also need to re-load your avatars and re-link your friendships to other people on the forum. We are also re-setting personal messages as per the notice several weeks ago. Once you login you will find the links to most options in a drop down under your user name in the top right hand corner of the site. That’s in addition to the familiar links under the GTROC Logo. We will start a “New Site Questions” Thread for anyone who needs help. Lastly this is a necessary upgrade to ensure we have a fully integrated Club Shop, Forum and Membership Database. NO FINANCIAL DATA is held anywhere on the CLUB server. Member’s name and address data will be strongly secured on the Club Servers. However we urge all our Members and Users to ensure they use strong personal passwords of at least 8 characters containing a combination of capital letters lower case letters and numbers.

Our site is free to browse with a lot of public content. If you REGISTER you will be able to post on the forum and have greater access including the shop, you will see more information on the GTR range of cars and the current events list which usually contains:

-Trackdays at prominent UK and European Tracks, including the infamous Nurburgring
-European tours, including France, Germany and Switzerland
-Monthly area meetings all over the UK
-Charity days to raise money for good causes

As a paid GTROC member you will have access to member only events and a wide variety of discounts on items for sale in the shop including club event tickets. As a club member you will be offered unique opportunities to attend “money can’t buy” events.

We have two levels of Membership;

GTROC Member for £45/year, or
GTROC Lifetime Member for £140

If you wish to sponsor the GTROC or advertise on our forum please REGISTER then contact one of the GTROC Staff Members who will talk you through the options.

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