Nismo To Enter Nissan GT-R For Tokachi 24-Hour Race

by Fuggles
14 years ago

NISSAN MOTORSPORTS INTERNATIONAL Ltd. (NISMO) announced today the entry of the NISSAN GT-R racecar into the 15th Tokachi 24-hour race, to be held fromJuly 20th to 21st in Hokkaido.

The Round 4 of the Super Taikyu Race Series – a grueling 24-hours race – is set to push the limits of the Nissan GT-R supercar while serving as aperfect testing ground for the performance and durability of the newly-developed NISMO tuning parts and competition motor oil jointly developed
with MOTUL.

Team Director Taro Kumagai said, “This is the first NISSAN GT-R to race with standard road-car specifications and will be subject to extremepressure to perform in a 24-hour race. Our target is to complete the racedistance, testing the performance and reliability of the car’s endurance.True to its grand touring heritage, we believe many GT-R fans will have great confidence and high expectations of the car’s endurance performance.

”The GT-R specific NISMO tuning parts used in the race will be available asaccessory options to GT-R customers this summer.

* The racecar belongs to the FIA-Group N/A or JAF-N1/N2 for engines over 3001cc, and is categorised in the “IP (International Production) -4”class, that comply with the race regulations for the “Tokachi 24-hourspecial class” or the “24h special” for the Dubai 24-hour race.

  • Team:
    • Entrant: NISMO
    • Entry Name: MOTUL NISMO Racing Team
    • Vehicle Name: MOTUL NISMO GT-R
    • Team Director: Taro KUMAGAI
    • Drivers: Masami KAGEYAMA, Tetsuya TANAKA, and KazukiHOSHINO
  • Car Specification:
    • Base Vehicle: NISSAN GT-R (R35)
    • Engine: VR38DETT
    • Displacement: 3799 cc
    • Max. Power: over 480ps/6400 rpm
    • Max. Torque: over 60kgfm/3200-5200 rpm
    • Weight: over 1600 kg
    • Tyres: Bridgestone Racing POTENZA