Help us raise money to help people in Japan

by Fuggles
11 years ago

please donate or buy a T-shirt

Please make a donation or buy a T-shirt and donate all the profits to helping those affected by the Earth-quakes and Tsunami in Japan. Show your support for the people who are trying to come to terms with this event today and will struggle for some time to rebuild their lives. Many cities and people will never be the same again and everything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated

The GTROC is not a charity but we have set up a page to raise money and to show we care. As well as ordering a shirt you can donate and all of this money will go to help. Once the shop has achieved its goal a donation will be given to charity. The money will be split equally between the Save the Children fund and their special account for Japan, and the Red Cross

Please give generously by clicking through to this page:

(note: this fundraising will be fully audited by an independent firm of accountants to ensure every penny gets to the charities)