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by Fuggles
6 years ago

The GTROC is panning its sixth tour to Japan in January of this year.  In total 12 intrepid adventurers will set out from across Europe to go on what people often describe as “the trip of a lifetime”.

With the GTROC’s ability to open doors and with our contacts, built up over many years, we are able to visit tuning shops, get VIP access, go on tours and meet people that just turning up on your own would not be possible to achieve.  The whole event takes months of putting together and all happens over the course of nine days.  But, for those not fortunate enough to be able to travel on the GTROC Tour we will be providing a daily tour blog on this website.  We will also be providing updates on our own Twitter feed as we move around Japan.  You can find us on Twitter @GTROC

As well as 12 tourists from Norway, Germany, Finland, Luxembourg, India and the UK; we will be joined by members of the GTROC based in Japan.  In total there will be 21 people on the tour making it the biggest yet.  If that was not enough we are also joining up with the R35 GTR Club of Japan for some events and even joining them as they compete in an endurance race at Fuji Speedway

Watch out for news and daily blogs from the GTROC Tour Blogger, starting 9 January.  The tour includes a visit to Nissan’s race car storage facility in Zama, a VIP tour of the GT-R engine assembly plant, visits to MiNES, Top Secret, Powerhouse Amuse, Nordring, Midori Seibi, Robson and Bee*Racing.  On top of that there is a day at Fuji Speedway and plenty of local and cultural things for tour members to do, including attendance at the Sumo Wrestling Grand Championship, river cruise, Akihabara, Roppongi, Daikoku P.A. and night drive.

Plans are already under way for the next Japan Tour so, if you want to know what to expect look out for the updates on here

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