Japan Tour 2012 – day 6: meeting with the R35GTR Club

by Fuggles
6 years ago

After days of automotive nirvana a change of pace was called for – and a lay in!

Originally planned as a day off, the afternoon was now to be spent as guests of Orito-san at the Tokyo Sky Tree.  So the morning was a time for shopping, catching up with people back home and relaxing.  Refreshed and relaxed we met in the foyer at lunchtime and headed off right across Tokyo, from one side to the other.  Two metros and hundreds of stairs later we arrived at our destination to be met by Orito-san.

After a bit of pre-trip shopping we were given a full and detailed presentation on the Tokyo Sky Tree project.  The video was in English, the slides and presentations not.  Photo opportunities abounded as we took pictures of the tower.

After a tour we then split up.  Orito-san, Geetak and Fuggles had a meeting to discuss future plans while the rest set off for more shopping and learning how to be a tourist in Tokyo.

Venturing out for the first time as a group without the two leaders was relatively simple.  The maps are in English and getting lost is easily solved by asking someone, such is the friendly nature of the Japanese people.  First was lunch as by now it was getting to be mid afternoon; nothing fancy or overly Japanese just plain simple food.  We found our way to the main shopping area of Ginza, where we stocked up with gifts for our loved ones back at home.

After the “afternoon at leisure” we headed for the hotel on the Tokyo Metro and turned in our purchases.  The evening was rounded off by a local restaurant and a good heart steak!  No matter how much you try and embrace the culture here some habits die hard and there is only so much uncooked fish and Japanese Tapas you can eat.

As tour days go this had to be the most relaxed and, in some way, the change of pace made it enjoyable.  The lack of anything car related was nice in some ways but perhaps too much time off only slows the pace a little too much.  Overall a nice change and a chance to shop and enjoy other things but still we want more automotive heaven!