The GTR Owners Club

by Fuggles
6 years ago

As you may be aware the GTROC has a new home on the Web –  As part of the developments we have been busy designing a new experience and communication hub for all the members to bring even more value to the GTR Owners Club.  It is a really exciting time for the club and we really appreciate the patience of those who have PMd us and we are working on making the club site the best it can be.  As you may have seen the Japan trip, European Tour, Track Days/trips, TOTB, JAE along lots of other exciting events are already being planned.  We do apologise but we do all have day jobs so please bear with us for replies – we will get to them all!

We are delighted to be able to bring you the news that we have now imported all of your forum names into our membership database and would request that you now complete the following steps to ensure all our information is correct.  Please note if you were not previously a member of the Club then we will not have those details (data protection) so if you are signing up for the first time please use your GTR Register Forum name so we can keep things streamlined.

It is vital that, if you have registered for the GTROC site already, that you please complete these steps as we had some issues with forum name length/structure and so if you registered with an alternate name this should now have been deleted and moved to your original name – hopefully to give you the continuity and let people know who you are!  Obviously we wish to confirm that your username works correctly and that all payments that have been made are allocated to your correct account.

  • Click the Signup/Login Black button in the top right corner of the blue menu bar
  • If you have already registered please login – WITH YOUR ORIGINAL FORUM NAME – if this does now work please move to step below.
  • If you have not already registered, or cannot login, then please use the ‘lost password’ box and enter either your Forum name or email address you registered to the forum with.  This will then send you a password reset request and allow you to login and complete any checks on your account.  If this still does not work please email me your forum name, date of payment and also your correct email address and we will reset your email and send manually for you.  Pleas bear with me as I do these runs once a week.
  • If you have already paid and are getting messages from  please ignore them as they are automated to all and we will cease once we have ensured that everyone is aware we.  I would ask if you could follow the steps above and double check your payment (for Annual or Executive Lifetime Membership) is assigned to your account under the Payments History tab in My Account page.  If you are already an Exec then it will show ‘error there is nothing to purchase’ – this actually means you are fully signed up and will change to ‘Executive Lifetime Member’ when we iron out that part of the site.
  • If you had a forum name, and were originally a member (or lapsed member) of the GTROC, then we will have automatically imported your Forum Name and account.  Please note if you have never been a member of the GTROC and just used to log in to the forum as a register member we will have no record of your details and so you will need to register afresh on the GTROC site.  You can then join the club as an associate member, Annual Member or, for access to the ultimate in VIP and money can’t buy events, the amazing new Executive Lifetime Membership (it is shiny).
  • Please do not worry if your membership level is not showing correctly yet on the site.  We are working on this and as long as your payment is correct then all will be in order!
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ – Please note that the GTROC website and the GTR Register are totally different electronic entities.  Therefore your membership level, signature etc will appear on the GTR Register as/when they process a list we have sent across of those who have joined thus far – Mook has kindly done the first batch and any missing let us know.  Your membership of the GTR Owners Club is entirely independent of The Register and all membership details and benefits are held on the GTROC website – therefore Mook cannot help with any issues on so please mail me instead of filling his inbox ;-).

Any queries please mail us on and Roger Burgess – GTROC Vice-Chairman will respond as quickly as he can.  Roger has said;

“I hope that the above answers all the queries I have been receiving thus far.  Additionally if you think you are missing a payment/cannot login/do not get password reset from the system then please let us know and we will look to add/reset as appropriate.  Thanks for your patience and once we get this first teething period out of the way things should run smoothly.”

Any other suggestions, glitches or improvements please drop us a line and we will look at them all in the even more exciting Phase Two of development ;-)

Many thanks,

on behalf of Roger (ROG350z) and the GTROC team.