Heinz A. Buchbinder

by Fuggles
6 years ago

Heinz A. Buchbinder has been a part of the GTROC Management Team for a few years and prior to that was heavily involved in the Club.  As part of the team his role as Ambassador to Nissan Europe has been to focus on strengthening the relationship between Nissan and the GTROC.  At time it requires some involvement to resolve disagreements between Club member owners and dealerships but, for the majority of the time, it is about finding ways in which the GTROC can help Nissan and how Nissan can help the GTROC.

It is with some considerable sadness that Heinz A. Buchbinder has announced, that due to his involvement in the current election campaign in the USA, he will retire from his active position of Ambassador to Nissan for the GTROC.  However, Heinz has agreed to provide whatever support he can and though not in post he will provide time and involvement wherever he is able and he will remain an Honorary Ambassador to Nissan for the Club.  Heinz owns an R35 GT-R and no doubt will continue to be fully involved with the GTROC and may well pop up at an event near you.  For now, all it remains is to wish Heinz well and thank him for all his help and all his achievements at the GTROC.