GTROC Executive Club Membership

by Fuggles
6 years ago

Since the launch of the Executive Club Life Membership of the GTROC we have been amazed at the positive and enthusiastic response.  Numbers signing up for the lifetime offering has been exceptional.  That in itself has brought its own problems but has also allowed us the opportunity to do so much more.

We have specifically called the lifetime membership Executive Club because it is more than just the longer term members are signing up for.  Everything we do today that we offer to GTROC members will stay as it is, such as discounted track days, members-only merchandise, cheaper insurance and a whole host of other offerings.  But for Executive Club members we have now added a whole new tier of things we can offer and will continue to develop this as we go forward.  That does not mean annual members will be outdone, far from it; the more we can do for Executive Club members the more we are able to offer all members but, as with membership itself, it’s all about choice.

Joining the GTROC starts off with receiving your membership pack.  The GTROC is proud to boast that we offer an exceptional pack for new members.  Along with letters explaining what we do and introducing some of the key members of the club we also include some club stickers for your car.  But where the membership pack really goes into its own is the branded leather zip folder; ideal to put all your car information, track day or social event notes.  And if that was not enough then the membership card of laser etched steel really is something else.

If you’ve recently joined as an Executive Club member having previously not been a member for a few years you may have missed out on the branded leather zip folder.  Thankfully you are able to purchase one through the shop if you wish.  For everyone else however, Executive Club is an upgrade to the standard membership.

Have set our sights high with a steel membership card for members we felt we had to go one better for Executive Club members.  Sadly sending another or better folder doesn’t really cut it so we went for something very special with the membership card.  The photo is of the metal tool we have had made which will be used to make the membership cards.  All that remains is for you to work out what the membership cards will look like and sit back and wait for your Executive Club membership card to land on your doormat