Nissan Delta Wing

by Paul Creed
6 years ago

Is It A Plane?

No, but it is the exiting new Delta Wing Experimental Race car, powered by Nissan’s 1.6-litre DIG-T engine technology.

This radical and revolutionary race car will be making it’s first public debut and demo at the famous Sebring race circuit in just a few days time on March 15th and then raced in anger as an unclassified entrant at the Le Mans 24hrs in June.

The Delta Wing was built by the famous Dan Gurney’s ‘All American Racer’s’ organisation, renowned for multi numerous projects over the years including road cars, F1 cars and Indy cars. Dan Gurney himself is a most accomplished racing

driver, constructor and Team owner, having won multiple races in Nascar, Can-Am, Trans-Am, Indy car and Formula One. And at 80 years old and just about to see 81 when the car is unveiled, i’m sure the Champagne will be famously sprayed once more.

The heart of the Delta wing will feature the Direct Injection Gasoline – Turbocharged engine, similar to the technology used in the latest of Nissan’s Juke DIG-T. It’s expected to produce somewhere around the 300hp mark, and although somewhat underpowered compared the the rest of the field of LMP1 & 2 racers, the Delta Wing will hopefully be putting in some pretty spectacular lap times.


Once again Nissan’s eagerness to strive for power and efficiency had introduced them into a world where racing cars can LOOK more spectacular and provide ground breaking technology to be used in their fleet of road cars.

Nissan DeltaWing is unlike any other racing car currently on track. The driver sits well back in the car, almost over the rear axle and looks ahead down a long, narrow fuselage to narrow twin front tyres, specially created for the car by tyre partner Michelin. With a rear-mounted engine, the car has a strong rearward weight bias, which makes it highly manoeuvrable, while its light weight and slippery shape make it far more efficient.

Nissan’s expertise has been applied to the development of the engine, in order to make it light and efficient enough to prove the philosophy behind the concept can work in ‘real-world’ motor racing. The Company, always among the first to embrace such radical ideas and surprising new performance innovations, has promised to apply key learnings from the experience to inform strategies for its PureDrive aerodynamics and efficiency package for road cars, as well as its overall research & development programmes.

The first two Nissan DeltaWing drivers to be confirmed are British Sportscar racer Marino Franchitti and Nissan’s reigning FIA GT1 World Champion Michael Krumm.


It’s an exciting time for Nissan and to be ‘invited’ to participate in Le Mans, especially from the special ‘Garage 56’ experimental pitlane spot without doubt shows how the current look of Motorsport could be in the future.

More on this car later in the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  • Grimblin Gibbon says:

    Was on the Virgin flight back to Gatwick from Orlando on Monday night and the guys fromGarage 56 were on the plane just across the aisle from me. I wondered why they kept looking over as I had my GTROC t-shirt on and was writing in my GTROC folder!

  • Paul Creed says:

    You should have got an exclusive interview.. :)

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