GTROC European Tour – Day 0

by iansmith
5 years ago

The Northern Contingent

You may think the title is strange, but as Sue and I were the only participants from “North of Watford”, we travelled a day earlier than everyone else so we could catch the ferry from Hull to Rotterdam and meet everyone in Paris, later in the day.

Packing the car was fun – track gear, jack, wheels, 2 helmets and clothes for 9 days do not fit into an R34 easily, but we managed, with some creative stuffing of helmets.

Considering the next 8 days will be packed with lots of driving (some on track, whooohoo!!), some on the famous Monaco circuit (no speeding, apparently) and the infamous Stelvio pass (if the ploughs work), I was happy to have the relatively easy drive to Hull (2.5 hours).

Once aboard we settled in, despite the noisy French teenagers and after a few beers, early to bed.

For those of you who don’t know, the plan is:

Paris – Vichy – Michelin Test Track day – Millau Viaduct – Monaco – Stelvio – Stuttgart – Nurburgring – home (via Amsterdam, for “The Northerners”).

Over the next few days, Sue and I will give you the his and hers version of activities…if we still have the energy and we’re still speaking to each other after some long (fast?) driving…on the wrong side of the road!!!

Day 1 – tomorrow!