GTROC European Tour – Day 1

by iansmith
6 years ago

For those travelling from the south, via the chunnel, it was straight to Monet’s garden.  Not the “normal” petrolhead destination, but enjoyed by all.  Cloudy weather, with the odd shower meant a reasonable, but safe speed.

John & Helen stayed on as she particularly enjoys gardens, so the cultural amongst you, look out for some better pictures from her.

Monet’s garden lasted a good 2 hours, which was lucky for “the northern contingent”…our journey was not so pleasant.

The ferry arrived 45 minutes late due to strong head winds…I thought that only happened on planes?… so setting off across The Netherlands, Belgium and then into France was straight and boring.  Some Netherlands “hells angels” made for entertainment and I’d love to show you all the pictures, but the second bit of badluck struck when the camera decided the  micro sd card was no longer compatible and insisted on re-formatting the card, destroying all pictures…totally gutted.

3rd (and final) piece of bad luck came when I ignored the words of my travelling companion and headed off down the wrong road on the outskirts of Paris, losing us another hour…well, you men out there, isn’t that we always do…tell the wife we know where we are going and the machine is pointing roughly the same direction, while they point out the sign for our destination is the next exit from the roundabout!

A long (6 hours) journey later, we finally arrived, but actually before the others!!

Having settled into the rooms, we met the others in the car park, apart from Adam & Sue, who were lost and John & Helen who were still at Monet’s Garden (we think).  Geetak asked us all to meet in the bar to introduce ourselves…Sue was still soaking her aching hip (unfortunately she doesn’t do long distance well…how on earth did I ever persuade her to come with me, I’ll never know), so she joined us later.

Seemed silly at the time, but we all took 30-60 seconds to introduce ourselves, but it really does help people on tour get to know each other.  We agreed our plans for the next morning and then decided on our evening plan.

After a couple in the bar it was off, by taxi, to a nice local Brassiere and enjoyed a lovely meal and plenty of conversation about the day’s convoy driving and what we would be doing next – driving to the Vineyard for wine tasting and then to Vichy, the Spa Hotel!

Sorry today’s blog isn’t much bigger than Day 0, but not much time, hopefully, with a working camera, there will be more tomorrow!

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