GTROC at Goodwood Festival of Speed

by Fuggles
5 years ago

The GTR Owners Club has, since its very beginnings, had a close association with the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  From before the Nissan (R35) GT-R, the GTROC has always tried to provide something extra at the festival.

In 2005 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Skyline being shown to the public we thought we would top it off with a stand at the show.  Competition for spaces was rife as members of the GTROC were asked if they wanted their car on the club stand for the entire weekend  With an R32, R33 and R34 the GTROC stand certainly drew a crowd and made a big difference to the GTROC following.  Right next to the Friends of Red Arrows and opposite the MV Augusta stand the GTROC was in good company.  Such was the competition for places that we had different cars every day.  For the record;

R32: Daz
R33: JAE
R34: Nik Wilson

R32: Scott
R33: IMS
R34: Nik Wilson

R32: Knight
R33: Sussex Boy
R34: Howsie

In 2007 the GTROC was given the inside track on the GT-R prototype.  We had been informed, by some means, that the car was under wraps and at Lord March’s house.  The car would, on each day, make a dramatic entrance through a set of garages and run up the hill.  The GTOC was on hand to record the event and even managed interviews with the driver on the day Carlos Tavares and also the head of GT-R at the time Shiro Nakamura.  Both gentlemen have now gone on to greater things at Renault and Infiniti.

As is typical with typical with this event there were journalists from all over the world and it did not take long before we found some from GT-R Magazine of Japan.  Not only were we able to confirm their suspicions but we also managed to explain to them the route the car would take and show them where it was being hidden.  What happened next involved climbing over a few barriers and squeezing between some buildings unnoticed……………

In 2008 GTROC members were invited into the Nissan Dome at the Festival of Speed and provided complimentary drinks and food courtesy of NMGB.  This was Nissan’s first big GT-R event for Goodwood and, in doing so, moved Nissan on to a whole new level in terms of its position and displays at the Festival of Speed.

The following year saw the first and only time the GT-R SpecV would run up the hill at Goodwood.  To celebrate the showing of the car a small number of VIPs were invited to sit in the passenger seat of the car as it raced up the famous Goodwood festival of Speed hill.  For one very lucky person in the GTROC this was an opportunity of a lifetime.

All of these events have been well documented previously by the GTROC but perhaps we should dust them all off once again and put them together in one article tracking the GTROC’s association with the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Fast forward then to 2012 and once again the GTROC will be there.  Not with cars on show, nor as guests of Nissan but in a different way and one that provides something extra for GTROC Executive Club members.  The GTROC has, for Saturday, reserved a table at the very fine Richmond Arms.  Spaces are limited and are on a first-come first-served basis with one ticket per Executive Club member.  Its still up to you to get to the festival, buy your own tickets and enjoy the show but the very least the GTROC could do, would be to arrange lunch for you.