"The City of London" follows the GTROC

by Fuggles
5 years ago

CITY A.M. is a free newspaper aimed at City of London workers and handed out free at numerous railways stations.  With it’s exciting mix of corporate and financial news as well as the politics of world economies it still needs to provide something else for readers.

In the 9 May edition, along with a feature on a German car, it had two press releases for Nissan.  One brief was about the Juke-R going into limited production and the other was about the launch of GT Academy 2012.  Both articles were covered by the GTROC on 2nd May and 3rd May respectively.

The two articles in CITY A.M. featured one image each.  Of all the images they could have chosen both were the identical image used on the GTROC blog.  Coincidence?  Actually we don’t mind, it’s great to see and we hope Ryan will join us later in the year at an event perhaps?

But it’s not just City newspapers that cover and feature the GTROC.  Last month Japanese Performance magazine ran a huge spread on the GTROC and its recent trip to Japan; as well as a review of the event and plenty of photos.  In the coming month Total Nissan will run a feature on all the tuning shops the GTROC visited on our recent Japan trip.  Banzai magazine are in discussions with us to do a follow up article on something else and we already have a feature put aside for the cars competing at the Nurburgring 24 Hour Race.

But whatever you do, if you want to hear it first, make sure you visit the GTROC on gtroc.org