Executive Club merchandise

by Fuggles
5 years ago

When the GTROC created the GTROC Executive Club it wanted to do so to provide the very best access to events, VIP passes and the best hospitality.  But more than that it wanted to provide lifetime membership and the sort of service that those signing up to the new membership would appreciate.

The launch of the GTROC Executive Club was delayed but that was because we wanted to get it right.  Technical issues with the membership cards meant repeated attempts to get the finished product just right.  From the feedback we have got we think the delay was worth it, certainly most of the members feel so.

Now that GTROC Executive Club membership packs are going out we can reveal the delays were down to getting the genuine full dry carbon membership cards just right.  As far as we know – and we’ve done a lot of research on the subject – we are the only club to offer this kind of exclusive membership card.  And we did this because we want the GTROC Executive Club to really stand out and to provide the very best there can be.

Already we have VIP events at the Le mans 24 Hour and Nurburgring 24 Hour races.  We have a VIP lunch at Goodwood Festival of Speed and we are working on more VIP access for all our Executive Club members.  The details of these events and others can be found on the GTROC website and also in our online shop.

But it’s not just events that make GTROC Executive Club members stand out.  We have just launched our range of carbon fibre items and will be expanding that through this year.  Already we have a number of products in our CARBON COLLECTION (see the shop for more details) available exclusively to GTROC Executive Club members.  Coming soon will be GTROC Executive Club merchandise, the first of which will be the GTROC Executive Club polo shirt.  In the meantime we already have some items for you to purchase such as carbon fibre effect car window stickers, carbon fibre pens and pencils, and more.

Here are some other examples:

The carbon fibre money clip is made from genuine carbon fibre, and is designed to open beyond parallel while maintaining its shape time after time.  It also comes in in it’sown box, should you want to give it as a present.  The money/card clip will take up to about 7 credit cards or a fair size stack of cash!  It is light weight (5 grammes) and very strong!

Genuine carbon fibre iPad 2 case made completely out of real carbon fibre.  It is extremely thin and lightweight.  Aside from turning your iPad into a carbon fiber masterpiece, you almost can’t tell it’s installed.  The case weighs in at a featherlight 40 grams and is just 0.6mm thick owing to its 690,000 strand technology

The case is compatible with Apple’s Smart Cover, making it the perfect duo for front/rear iPad 2 protection.  By making the side of the case only 0.35mm thick, it’s thin enough for the Smart Cover’s magnets to connect, yet the the carbon fiber doesn’t need any special cutouts…giving it a clean look with or without the Smart Cover being used.  The case is available in a unique scratch-resistant finish which has a small texture and provides a semi-gloss look.

To find out more follow the link to the shop: http://gtroc.org/shop/product-category/carbon-collection


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