GTROC Honorary President meets the Executive Club

by Fuggles
5 years ago

The GTROC, since it’s very beginning, Hiroshi Tamura as it’s Honorary President.  In that time Tamura-san has always been keen to hear about the developments of the Club and what our plans for the future are.  When visiting japan it’s often the case that GTROC members get to enjoy dinner with Tamura-san and, on occasions when he visits the UK he has even been known to attend GTROC events and track days.

Hiroshi Tamura was one of the designers responsible for working on the R33 Skyline.  As a result of his commitment to this project he soon became elevated to Chief Product Specialist and was responsible for the R34 Skyline.  So, whilst he may not be the man driving the new Nissan GT-R he certainly had a hand in creating the legend that is GT-R.  For himself he drives a highly tuned R32 GT-R (gun metal of course).

Today Tamura-san is Chief Product Specialist NISMO so we can perhaps expect to see something exciting things coming our way soon.  Perhaps the next time Tamura-san is in the UK we should arrange a meeting with him, however, on his last visit it was only a brief stopover so very little time to arrange anything.  We did, however, get to meet Tamura-san and present him with his GTROC Executive Club honorary membership card.  The reaction?  Typically he was very pleased to see the progress the club is making and thanked us for the gift of a new card.

The next time Tamura-san is in town we will be sure to let you know!