24 Heures du Mans: Day 1

by Happydays
5 years ago

pictures and words by ROB JAMIESON

So a good trip down on Wednesday and the first time on a ferry with a GT-R, no clearance issues and it might even be better than the chunnel!

So after asuitable breakfast of croissants we headed off to the village to see the Nissan stand, suitably branded we wondered up to the sign  tech to see if we could buy a T-shirt, we were shooed away buy a guard before we got on the steps. This was the corporate hospitality last year a purchasable option this year but we didn’t know about it.

Off to the Nissan stand which was a bit friendlier. There is a white track pack left hander which I sat in. So it looks like the track pack is available on the mainland. The grippy seats do hold you but feel a bit like a plastic microfiber sort of feel, I’m more of a leather man myself.

The next up is a GT-R race car, which looks fantastic….please somebody build a kit like this!

The Leaf racer is here and a nismo version of the Juke. A Juke-R is looking menacing next to a 370z. The delta wing is missing and just arrives so we are usurered off the stand. When we return it’s resplendent in the front. It is a show copy and not a real one, looks very strange in the flesh. The lights on the rear quarter are going to be interesting.

Once we get close to the 370z it turns out to be a limited edition model 1 0f 100. Nice little branding on the c-pillar and alcantara interior trim.

More to follow