Half term report – part 1

by kennet
5 years ago

It’s been almost six months since the GTROC launched it’s Executive Club Membership scheme and a little longer that we have been promoting it.  At the same time the new GTROC website has now been around for a little over six months.  Some might be for thinking that we have been busy tinkering with the web and forgetting all else but the view away from the computer screen tells a different story.  A first European Tour was a success, VIP access at the Nurburgring and Le Mans events, invitations to Nissan to see their latest creations and much more.  Above all this, however, has to be the tour to Japan in January.

When the GTROC set out on a path to build a new website we did so with the knowledge that it would give us greater financial independence, something that any not-for-profit organisation needs in order to survive.  But, rather than just build a shop we wanted to use the change to provide good quality, up to date information to members and non-members alike.  We also wanted to provide a way to get the latest news stories to anyone with an interest and a back catalogue of really useful information.  That we have now a multi-lingual introduction and video and photo walls all help add to the amount of good quality content we provide.

As well as the latest news and reviews we also have guest bloggers working for us.

Guest bloggers can be anyone at an event who wants to provide the latest news and updates, or someone who regularly contributes to the GTROC.  On occasions we have other people blogging for us and we post on their behalf – such as the Help for Heroes Mission to Morocco

At the start of 2012 17 people from the GTROC across Europe and Japan set off on a mission to find out more about the Japanese tuning scene and about Nissan’s racing heritage and GT-R.  This was not the first trip the GTROC had arranged; previously we have been to the Tochigi assembly plant, the Nismo Festival, Auto Salon, Motor Show and much more.  For the first time the tour party produced a blog every day of their experiences.  In the GTROC Flickr vault you will also find all the photos including many from Nissan’s ‘DNA Centre’ at Zama.

In spring 2012 Ian Smith produced a daily blog of the GTROC tour around Europe.  A pretty frank account one must admit!  The chance to read at first hand the days road trips and first class hotel experiences may not be as good as being there but it certainly brings to life the fun the road tripper had.  For 2013 we are already planning TWO road trips and have another smaller ‘Tour d’Ecosse’ to bring you as well.

Not all blogs are about events, perhaps the most detailed and fascinating read is the one by Aki where he’s building a huge model GT-R.  But, rather than just take a few pictures of the bits and pieces as they arrive Aki is going into some detail about the information that comes with the car.  From designers’ insights to Mizuno-san’s personal views and from general comments to detailed analysis the blog is a real gem and something for those who want to understand more about the Nissan GT-R – or maybe even how to build a model of one!

Our other two regular bloggers are Jann Mardenborough and Jake Hill.

In June 2011 JannMardenborough was crowned the GT Academy winner.  Since late 2011 Jann has been blogging for us.  Jann has raced 370Zs, GT-Rs and more for Nissan and is now a big part of Nissan’s future plans.  If you’ve ever met Jann you will know just what a genuine and down to earth person he is.  Nothing is too much trouble and when we asked him to blog for us he was really pleased to be able to do so.  If you’re ever at an event and Jann is there make sure to mention your GTROC membership and Jann will happily update you on his current activities and his plans for the future.  Jann will also be joining us at some events later this year all being well

Jake Hill broke through in 2010 where he broke every record in the Ginetta Junior series.  He was awarded the British racing Drivers Club “Rising Star” award in 2010 and, since then, he has gone on to bigger and better things.  As well as writing for the GTROC blog, Jake has joined us at some events and will soon be attending some GTROC track days.  Jake is now officially sponsored by the GTROC and carries our branding on his car and his helmet.  If you get a chance to watch Jake race you will see how talented he is.

That’s enough from me right now.  In part 2 we will be looking at the events and activities that have taken place so far and what that means for the future.  Part 3 will look at the membership itself and what we are working on for the future and part 4 will be about our other plans for the future.