Motoyama’s heart-breaking attempts to get the DeltaWing going again

by mad_mike
5 years ago

I have been very fortunate to have met Satoshi Motoyama in person and he is, like many people in this sport, passionate about everything he does.  Like many people too he really believes in Nissan and his passion for the company is something that you experience when you meet him.

When we posted up details of the story of the DeltaWing being sideswiped there was another story unfolding that we are now able to bring to you.  Satoshi Motoyama was working valiantly to try and get the car going.  if you know Motoyama-san, or if you know the passion that he brings this really is quite hard to watch.  You can see him breaking down as he tries everything to get the car going again.

The rules of the race are simple: no outside help.  So when the car breaks down all the mechanics and team can do is offer advice and maybe lend the odd tool.  Back and forth Motoyama goes trying everything he can until finally Darren has to tell him it’s finished.  You can see how much it affected him in this video.  If you’re passionate about your motorsport then this really is hard to watch