Ludders wins!

by SkylineGirl
5 years ago

The 2012 Jap drag Series kicked off at Japshow, Santa Pod this weekend and saw a return to form of Jeff Ludgate – “Ludders” of the GTROC.  Mazdas, Mitsu, Toyotas and Nissans all fought it out to be top of the standings at the end of the day with qualifying times proving to be very close before we got into the real action and the shoot-outs

After qualifying it was the RX7’s that led the way with Rob Blackshaw taking the number 1 spot and James Willday following behind. Jeff Ludgate followed with a 9.2393 second pass in the first of the three Skylines competing.  the standings from that session were as follows:

Qualifying Po. Driver Car ET MPH
1st Rob Blackshaw RX7 9.1096 139.83
2nd James Willday Mazda GEN 3 RX7 9.1707 149.06
3rd Jeff Ludgate Nissan Skyline 9.2393 149.12
4th André Gysler Mitsubishi GTO 10.2078 147.13
5th Mark Moseley Nissan Skyline 10.2191 136.95
6th Mark Newman Toyota Supra 10.8492 131.01
7th John Stocker Nissan 200sx 13.1808 115.51
8th Wayne Armsden Nissan Skyline 16.2242 57.53

The quarter finals played out like this:

Rob Blackshaw 0.5004 9.284 142.47
Wayne Armsden 0.2055 9.757 142.11
Andre Gysler Broke / Abort Broke / Abort Broke / Abort
Mark Moseley 0.5494 11.591 110.04
James Willday 0.6790 10.153 146.73
John Stocker 0.3997 14.241 88.04
Jeff Ludgate 0.4635 10.462 148.10
Mark Newman 0.3714 11.125 130.24

The semi’s saw the fall of the RX7’s with Rob Blackshaw eliminating himself by virtue of a red light creating a path to the final for Mark Moseley. James Willday with an off-form 11.1 second pass was also defeated by Ludders who backed up his impressive qualifying with another 9 second pass.

Rob Blackshaw -0.196 9.415 142.93
Mark Moseley 0.157 10.283 10.283
James Willday 0.520 11.187 88.90
Jeff Ludgate 0.360 9.569 145.27

It was an all Skyline final with Mark Moseley and Jeff Ludgate lining up for the wins. They were away from the line together but from then on Ludders’ Sherbert Lemon powered through and took the win with yet another impressive 9 second pass. In the other lane Mark Moseley tripped the beams with a 10.1 second pass, his best time of the day.

Mark Moseley 0.250 10.119 141.22
Jeff Ludgate 0.216 9.370 146.17

Huge congratulations to Ludders and thanks to everyone who came to the event to compete in the RWYB and to support Jeff.  here’s to the next round!


  • John Miskin says:

    Congratulations Jeff, a stirling effort
    Just a small point – with about 30 kilos less you might have cracked an 8.99 sec.
    As the car cannot be trimmed it only leaves the driver!

  • Roger Burgess says:

    Well done sir! Big win for the yellow peril. As for John’s comment – I am still laughing!

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