TOTB Team member: Nick Chatburn

by Ed Froggatt
5 years ago

We recently announced the GTROC would be returning to compete once again at Ten Of The Best (TOTB)

The team is still being picked and some spaces are up for grabs, but some places are already confirmed.  rather than just turn up on the day and see who’s racing we thoughts we share some of the team details before so GTROC members can really get behind the team.  The first of these is Nick Chatburn.

We asked Nick to tell us a little about himself and his background.  here’s what Nick had to say:

“I’ve always been into fast cars, motorbikes, motorsports, and racing.  My passion really go going in 2005 when a friend of mine bought me a track day with professional tuition for the day. I had just bought a fast car and she wanted me to at least drive it properly!

After my first day at Donnington, I was hooked. I then decided to tick off one of my other things to do from my wish list and immediately booked a trip to the Nurburgring. the place is mind blowing for any petrol head.  After many track days and general hooning around, a few of my Nurburgring mates had entered “Time Attack” and persuaded me to have a go… so I did, and loved it, even managed a couple of 2nd & 3rd places in a full weight car.

I was undecided what to do in 2011, i got a call out of the blue from Shaun Woods, asking if i would like to have guest drive in a Honda Civic race car, racing in the “Civic Cup” at Brands Hatch, supporting F2, F3 & GT cars no less – what an opportunity.  After a couple more races, I was completely hooked, and blown away by it all, so I bought my own Civic Race car but decided this was it for me… the season ended all too quickly though.  So now i am all revved up and cannot wait for the racing season to start again;  the racing, the banter, the comradery, the atmosphere, all of it makes the race weekends the best time for me.

I will be doing exactly the same with the Skyline R33GTR,  but undecided which series to run in at the moment…, except I have entered TOTB  and will probably have a go at Time Attack if I can find a) someone to tow it to the track for me, and B) the time to jump out of the civic and jump into the GTR, as we are at the same event this year…

In terms of my achievements – first go at Time Attack in a full weight, street car managed x2 2nd places in class.  2011 first go in the Civic Cup, managed x1 3rd, x2 2nd & x1 1st places.  I can lap the Nurburgring in 6 mins 03secs – well, on a Playstation I can anyway! “

Nick’s car is a bit special too.  Project HOSAKA is an ex Japanese Time Attack Club Class Car and winner 2009.  Approx 1,325kgs dry without driver. 500-600hp, switchable boost settings, RB26 with ported inlets & outlets, 6-Boost manifold and Trial waste gate, custom exhaust, GT35r Single turbo

Black Art Coilovers, Formula Ikeya lowering kit and suspension, Advan AVS wheels, Silverstone Tyres, AP Racing brakes. Pedal box with ABS & Servo deletion.

PPG dog box, H pattern with OS Giken Quad plate clutch

Active aero and Air brake (designed & made by me) GRP Doors and Lexan windows, custom fuel system with swirl pot.

Racelogic data logger and screen. Custom GRP carbon overlay dashboard.