Jake Hill drives GTR Track Pack and Juke-R at Goodwood

by SklyaFett
5 years ago

Jake Hill, the GTROC sponsored driver has been awarded a drive of the GT-R Track Pack and the Nissan Juke-R up the hill at this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Jake was awarded the BRDC Young Driver of the Year in 2011 and came to the notice of the GTROC through the Club’s Nissan Liaison, John Miskin.  Members of the club first met Jake at the Nurburgring 24 Hour Race, an opportunity for Jake and Nissan to also talk.  In Between times Jake has been racing Ginettas in their championship series this year, sporting GTROC sponsorship and branding – on his car, his race suit and his crash helmet.

So what is the benefit to the GTROC? 

Jake has agreed to provide tuition to GTROC members at track events as part of the agreement we have.  As a BRDC qualified instructor and holder of a B-Licence Jake has all the credentials needed.  Add to that his exceptional talent and what he can offer GTROC track enthusiasts is significant.  Dates have yet to be announced but the charge will be just to cover his time and costs.

Jake Hill is the GTROC (official) Track day Instructor.

If you want to meet Jake he will be at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend.  If you want to see what he can do behind the wheel then watch out for him at around 4pm on Sunday and at 3:45 on Friday.  The fact Jae only has limited time behind the wheel of a GT-R and has not yet driven a Juke (let alone the Juke-R!) promises to make it an interesting couple of afternoons.

According to Motorsport News Jake Hill is “one of UK motorsport’s brightest young prospects”.  To back that up here are some of Jake’s stats:

Ginetta Junior Championship – 36 Races

19 Podiums (a record)
13 Wins (a record)
13 Pole Positions (a record)
14 Fastest Laps (a record)

Michelin Ginetta GT Supercup – 27 Races

17 Podiums
4 Wins
3 Pole Positions
4 Fastest Laps

Watch this space for details of Jake’s Goodwood exploits!