TOTB Team member: Alex Hamilton

by Tin Heer
5 years ago

For 2012 the GTROC TOTB team brings people from across the UK and from long standing membership to new members.  Alex is not the only member from ‘north of the border’ but one thing is for sure, his Midnight Purple R33 will certainly stand out at the event.  Here’s Alex’s description of the car:

engine; fully forged with billet crank, early 32 block, fully balanced, high pressure oil pump, trust sump extension, N1 water pump,  cosworth steel headgasket, ported cylinder head, tomie camshafts, tomie valve springs and retainers, tomie adjustable cam gears, tomie kevlar timing belt, single inlet 80mm manifold, single turbo conversion, GT4094r turbo, tial external wastegate, T4 split exhaust header, full 4″ stainless steel exhaust system (turbo totailpipe), full set of 80mm hardpipe kit to and from inlet/turbo, massive front mount intercooler, turbosmart raceport bov, 6x 1000cc ID injectors, greddy fuel rail, turbosmart fuel pressure regulator, 2x bosch 044 fuel pumps, haltech platinum sport 2000 engine control unit with patch loom, gizzmo msibc boost controller, exedy hyper 3 plate clutch.

chassis; apexi adjustable shock absorbers and springs, tein strut bars, whiteline front antiroll bar bushing,  ultra lite NUR wheels in high power chrome 10×18, tyres (junk to be honest),   brembo 4 pot calipers and discs,  ds2500 pads, braided brake flexis, moffshop master cylinder brace/stopper, motul race fluid all round

body as nissan intended with some suttle carbon parts

interior again as Nissan intended

We asked Alex about his bacground prior to this event:

I love doing a few track days and the very occasional drag runs and like nothing better than long long drives in the sun, tunes pumping and shades on.  On track I’ve done tarmac rally tuition at Knockhill and single seat race tuition (Knockhill again).  I hold an advanced driving licence (courtesy of the AA) and have over 10 years driving performance cars.

Overall I’m a suspension guru, i like nothing better than a good handling car that’s set up rite and i know how to set em up