Kleer advantage

by Fuggles
5 years ago

The GTROC is proud to announce it is now an official stockist for Kleers Premium Car Car products.

Each product has been developed by Kleers and is completely unique for today’s motoring needs.  Kleers continue to develop further products and have an extensive testing programme underway with some of the worlds leading motor racing teams.  Kleers have productsfor many different purposes to keep your vehicle super clean and protected. They are clearly described without the confusing jargon, making it simple to identify exactly what you need and get exactly what you expect from the product.
The GTROC will hold the entire Kleers range along with the useful product application information.  We will also be posting up some really helpful guides on how to clean your car, with special thanks to the guys at Kleers.  All these will be in the guest writer blogs.
Kleers was founded by Skyline and GT-R enthusiast Andy Barnes and his brother Rob.  Both have been long standing members of the jap car scene and Andy is a member of the GTROC.  Long before Kleers was founded, the brothers saw that manufacturers of car care products did little to keep pace with technologies and trends that were being embraced by vehicle manufacturers and car owners.  In fact, it looked like they didn’t even care, as they produced and promoted their products in the same old way they had been doing for years.
After assessing the needs of the present-day car owner and carrying out years of extensive market research, Rob and Andy set about producing a range of innovative new products that would be in-step with modern day requirements and compatible with new materials and paint finishes.  Working with chemists and blenders to incorporate the advances in science and combine the right mix of natural and synthetic ingredients, the Kleers product  range was carefully and thoughtfully developed.
However, it wasn’t just the chemical formulae that had to meet their discerning critique: the branding, packaging and the way each product was  dispensed was also given careful consideration.  That’s why Kleers bottles are made out of aluminium and have sturdy and reliable methods of getting the product from container-to-car.  After more than two years in the making, it was early 2010 when the Kleers range was finally launched.
The current Kleers line up includes traditional products that are the staple of any car care range, such as: The Finishing Wax, The Car Shampoo and The Glass Cleaner, whilst alongside there are a number of innovative items: The Carbon UV Protector  and The Silver Interior Purifier, which are  products exclusive to Kleers.

New for 2012 is the exciting Kleers Motorsport range: a series of intelligent products that are aimed at car owners and teams that compete in all forms of motorsport – either at professional or amateur level.

If you want to order Kleers products just visit our shop and the order will be sent direct to your door.  The GTROC will make a very small profit on each item sold and every penny of that will go back to the club and will benefit members directly.

Kleers Premium Car Care: coming soon!