Half term report – part 3

by Fuggles
5 years ago

I was asked the other day why we were producing these ‘half term reports’.  Firstly great that somebody is actually reading them! ♥  But perhaps more importantly it comes down to the major changes that have taken place with the GTROC since the deal to sell the GTR Register was agreed.  As a result of this and what followed some very tough decisions were made at both the EGM and the AGM.  These have led to greater independence for the GTROC.  However, with such a change also comes a cost and the investment required to do this has not been trivial.  However it has been fully funded and we are now in the proud position of having a good working capital (needed to book events and order equipment).  It also bodes well for the future as we can now look to provide more products and services through our shop and to provide even greater benefits to our members.

The changes you see today stem back to the Silverstone GT1 VIP event and the associated Extraordinary General Meeting.  On the day it was a real pleasure to see so many people take an active part in the future direction of the GTROC and for them all to share their opinions.  The discussion itself centred on the future direction the Club wanted to proceed in; whether we should stay as we are, whether we should have more independence; should we retain the current membership structure? Should we have shareholders? Should we increase (or decrease) membership fees?  What about other type of membership?  All this and much more were discussed.  Unanimously it was agreed that the Club should look to develop a tiered membership structure and to use this to take the Club forward.  Since the Club was founded in 1993 this was the single biggest change to the Club and not a decision taken lightly – hence the decision to hold an EGM.

In Late 2011 the GTROC Annual General Meeting discussed the proposals from the EGM and agreed unanimously on the future strategy.  As a result of this we now have Executive Membership which offers a range of benefits (and a sexier membership card) as well as providing for lifetime membership of the GTROC.

Since the launch of the GTROC Executive Club Membership the GTROC has raised enough money to provide an online members database – something we had been asking for years, a fully functioning shop with greater flexibility, a news forum, and much more e.g. advertising banners and a lot of ‘back-end functionality’ that you won’t see.

The launch of the Executive Club was nothing like as smooth as we would have liked!  Production of the membership cards proved incredibly complex and delays occurred at every step (including HM Customs!)  Demand for Executive Club outstripped our initial expectations.  More than anything this perhaps demonstrates the value seen in the Executive Club and the passion people have for the GTROC.  Perhaps it shows also how much people want to contribute to the future success of the Club and how much people are willing to invest in this future.

We still offer the annual membership with all the benefits and advantages as before.  Nothing we have done will diminish the benefits to members, at any level.  We are working harder than ever to secure benefits for members beyond the VIP events, access-all-areas, discounted events and members merchandise.  Over the coming months you will see more and more of this.

If all this is leaving you confused about memberships then here it is in a nutshell:

  • You don’t have to join.  Making use of this site and the shop is entirely free.  Most events are open to you.
  • Annual membershipis open to anyone wishing to apply.  There is an annual fee.  We send you a membership pack giving you details of everything you can expect to gain from being a GTROC member.  The pack also contains a GTROC branded zip ring-folder, stainless steel laser etched membership cards and sticker pack.Being a member gets you discounts on track days and other events.  It gets you access to members-only events.  It also gets you discounts on all manner of items – for example many insurance companies will want you to be a car club member.  There’s also members-only merchandise and we offer a comprehensive help facility if you are having troubles with your car and a Nissan dealership is involved.  We can provide an independent service to help you resolve your problems.
  • If you want to upgrade your membership then you can.  Becoming a GTROC Executive Club Member provides all the advantages and benefits that normal membership provides.  It also provides a genuine carbon fibre membership card and access to Executive Club members merchandise (The Carbon Collection).Being a GTROC Executive Club Member also gets greater discounts – we are working on these right now – as well as the type of access that even VIPs can only dream of.  Recently we visited Nissan’s famous DNA Centre at ZAMA and more recently had VIP access at Le Mans and the Nurburgring.  Expect to see more of this kind of thing at the Super GT events in Japan.

It is always a choice you have the right to make: whether to join or not? Whether to upgrade or not?  The GTROC is manned by a dedicated and enthusiastic group of volunteers and we are always keen to find new ways to provide a better service, so, f you have ideas let us know (info@gtroc.org)  For now we are working hard to deliver our promise and will continue to do so.  We hope you like what we have achieved so far and will work hard to do more.