Silverstone Classic or Modified Live

by Fuggles
5 years ago

…………..or both.

The last couple of weekends have seen the GTROC at two very different events but ones that also hold a lot in common.  For both events the GTROC sand was populated by a wide range of cars and, as is now often the case at these events, endless coffee, bacon rolls and a place to shelter from the rain and sun are all provided to members – the food and drinks at no charge all day.

Both events provide plenty of track action and a host of modified cars.  Racing is de rigueur although for those that like their racing to be competitive on the tarmac rather than on the stop watch Time Attack maybe doesn’t offer the same level of excitement.  Modified Live is a one day event of motorsport that features some demonstration classes, such as truck racing, as well as the European Drift Championship and some competitive racing.  However, for the most part Modified Live is about Time Attack.

For those that like their motorsport to be about seeing what can be achieved and for allowing tuners to do what tuners do best then Time Attack is about as good as you can get for performance displays.  A world away from the ever deepening pockets of manufacturers Time Attack offers a real alternative to those wanting to get into motorsport but can’t afford a Works Car.

The Silverstone Classic is a spectacular event.  Where else will you see 60 Ferrari F40s performing a parade lap?  Where else will you see £million cars parked in the car club display areas and be able to go up and view them without fear of being told to step away?  As well as the ultimate in car park presentations the Silverstone Classic offers a huge range of some of the very best motorsport from the distant and recent past.  As events go this is one that is very hard to beat

For 2012 the Silverstone Classic the usual events of car club stands, supercar auctions (if you can afford it), trade stands, huge children’s play area, live music and more was still not a patch on the racing.  F2, F5000 and Grand Prix Masters F1.  Classic sports car racing, contemporary touring cars and specific marque racing.  If there was nothing there to excite you then you’re certainly not even the faintest of petrol-heads!

Time Attack and the Silverstone Classic both pride themselves on pit access for all.  This allows everyone to get up close to the cars, meet the drivers and to really get a feel for what motorsport is really like.  The hectic activity in the garages, the noise and the smell all add to the day and make it worthwhile more than your more traditional motorsports events.

We mentioned earlier the parade lap at Silverstone this year, but there was another one at Modified Live at Brands Hatch this year too.  It was a small collection of GTROC members but, though small, it cover an interesting array of vehicles, R35 GTR, R32, R33, R34, 2-dorr and four door and two Stageas as well.  Thankfully Mas was on hand in the commentary box to explain to everyone what they were watching and the variations on track.

The parade was a huge step down from the events of several years ago.  In particular when the GTROC organised the National Skyline Meets.  The year at Donington was a marvel with 130+ cars on track.  If that wasn’t enough imagine then the R32s followed by r33s followed by R34s, all in marquee order.  Imagine further when they were in colour order too!  The noise as 130+ cars queued up in the pit lane was immense.  But when we got out on track and put our foot down the sight of all these cars was really something.

For 2013 I doubt very much whether we will undertake another parade lap at Brands Hatch and I also doubt the F40s will be back, both events will be looking to find another cavalcade of cars to entertain us.  But one thing is for sure, if you like your motorsport both of these events are must see events for next year.  The Silverstone Classic lasts three days and the GTROC will be there all three days.  Modified Live is a road-show of events across the UK and we will be at some of the rounds for Time Attack.  So, whichever you decide to do, we’d recommend both!