Half term report – part 4

by Fuggles
5 years ago

Looking back on the first half of 2012 is only part of the story.  More important is where the path will take us, what changes you can expect to see and what is the GTROC’s vision for the future.

Firstly if you want to really know what’s going on and if you want the opportunity to ask the Board and other members of the GTROC Management Team there really is only one place to be, the Annual General Meeting.

The AGM takes place in October and is a typical formal affair to discuss the business of the GTROC.  However we round off the AGM with a dinner in the evening and hand out awards to Club members who have excelled in the last twelve months, be it on track, socially or online.  In parallel with the AGM we even have a partner programme for spouses and partners to relax at the spa and enjoy their afternoon away from all things GTROC.  For 2012 we are even hosting a social event at the venue during the day.  Full details of the AGM and Dinner will be announced soon.

But, what about the future?

With the launch of the GTROC Executive Club we find ourselves in a positive financial position and will be reinvesting that back into the club.  This investment will go into event equipment, online presence, development of merchandise and members benefits.  For those that have attended events this year you will have seen we now have a number of event shelters, banners and flags.  Previously we had a limited stock of these which made it difficult for club representatives to make sure the equipment got to the person that needed it.

Putting together events like VIP access at le Mans, Nurburgring and now SuperGT all takes time and effort.  We are also working on discounts and other benefits for members.  These take time and sometimes require a lot of effort on the part of key GTROC members.

For the website there is still a lot we can do.  As a start it hosts a huge catalogue of news and technical content but we are always hungry for more.  If you want to write something be it an experience or something as engineering tips or guides we would be happy to run it on the website.

Of late some minor tweaks have been made to the site such as the blog-roll, shop hot sellers list and the languages.  We have also added a LinkedIn presence for Executive Club members.  Sponsors are helping to support this and we are grateful to them but are looking to have more sponsors and, in return, are developing some new pages for them.  All this takes time and requires money and is being funded by the Executive Club membership as well as other membership fees and shop income.

Once a person becomes an Executive Club member there is no membership revenue stream after that as one advantage is lifetime membership.  For the future this affects our income and we recognise that and are working to develop a other ways of generating income from this site as well as expanding the membership by the way we do things and the offers we are able to provide.

2012 has been a significant year for the GTROC and we are only half way through our plan to really develop the GTROC.  If you want to know more, come to the AGM.  If you want to get involved, just let us know!  The AGM is in October and we hope to see you there