by Fuggles
5 years ago

The GTR Owners Club prides itself in the way it conducts business.  A key part of that is the Annual General Meeting and the ninth AGM will be held on Saturday 13th October at the Mere Hotel and Spa Resort in Cheshire.

Every year the AGM moves to a new UK location to make it easier for people from across the UK to attend.  That said, we have had memebrs attend from Finland, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands as well.

The order of the day at the AGM is to review the past year and look ahead to the following year.  Typically this includes reviewing the club’s finances and accounts, receiving reports from members of the club covering matters such as events and membership.  The GTROC is a not for profit organisation and is fully open to the scrutineee of its members.

If you cannot attend the AGM proxy or postal votes are available, full details will be emailed to all current members.  However we would very much like for you to join us and have arranged a Partner Programme for the day.  We also have a big social meeting that day for members and non-members alike.  All details of this can be found on the GTR Register.

After the formal business of the day the AGM lets its hair down and we have our Annual Awards Dinner which is attended by club members, invited guests, dealerships, sponsors, tuners and, of course, Nissan.

Please put the event in the diary: Saturday 13th OctoberGTROC AGM

See you there!