So who owns the best car?

by Fuggles
5 years ago

In mid October the GTROC will present awards for the best cars in the club.  Voted on by the members of the GTROC.

Any member of the GTROC is eligible to enter and there will be categories for best R32, best R33, best R34 and Stagea, and Best Nissan GT-R (R35).  Entry is simple, all you have to do is put up two pictures of your car taken this year; if you are a UK member one of these has to be taken at a GTROC attended event.  You have until 12 September to submit your entry and after that members can vote on who they think should win.  All the submitted entries will also be listed on this site.

For this year the lists of entrants can be found on the GTR Register (not the GTROC website).

Good luck to all of those entering!

Winners will be announced at thew GTROC Annual Dinner and presentations made to the winning entries