Track Day leaders

by Fuggles
6 years ago

At the recent GTROC Annual Awards Dinners there were two recipients who were unable to make the day.  The fact that both were being recognised for their efforts on-track was not lost on those at the Annual Dinner.  Perhaps they were off doing ‘track stuff’ that weekend?  In fact both had planned to attend but, true to form, one had a track calling that couldn’t be missed and the other absent for personal reasons.

Rather than miss the opportunity to present the awards we chose to meet boith of them at the next GTROC Track Day.  So, a week after the Annual Dinner we caught up with Ed and Paul at Silverstone where GTROC Motorsport Liaison John Miskin was on hand to perform the prize giving.

Ed Horner who has, for the last few years, been the GTROC’s Track Day Coordinator was the very worthy recipient of the Mark Apsey Trophy.  The award recognises an individual who has made a significant contribution to the scene, to the GTROC or to the membership.  In all respects Ed has done an exceptional job.  As well as setting up and organising several very successful GTROC Academy Days, he had take the members to new tracks, more often and with greater attendance.  He himself has led from the front on many days.  The GTROC Academy allows GTROC members to track a GT Academy Nissan GT-R at Silverstone, complete with instructor.  We are the only club able to do this.

Ed is stepping down from his role but has promised to still be around at GTROC track days and events and will still be an active member of the club we hope.

The award for Track Day Warrior went to Paul Kemshall.  Paul is a keen and dedicated track day enthiusiast and regular attendee at many of the GTROC track days.  paul is also an avid supporter of the Bruntinthorp charity event where he regularly puts his car through its paces on track.  But more than that Paul is often to be found helping others and offering advice to new members to the world of track day driving.  More than anything Paul stands for everything we want in a Track Day warrrior – he just gets out there and does it!

Congratulations to both Ed and Paul and sorry you weren’t at the Annual Awards Dinner but we hope the presentation at Silverstone made up for it