Mega discount on Toyo Tyres

by Fuggles
10 years ago

The GTROC is a not-for-profit organisation and that means we make sure that any sponsorships, packages and pther deals we get are passed on directly to the members. Nothing the GTROC does benefits anyone except the members themselves. That means we can bring deals to members that commercial websites would not. The latest deal from Toyo is just one example of that!


If you want a set of tyres for your Nissan GT-R and want something designed for the track or for hard road use then the Toyo R888 are the perfect tyre. We will soon be conducting tests to find out how good they really are but before we get round to that we can now add these items to the GTROC shop so you can order them direct.

This offer is open only to Executive Club members for delivery in the UK and the price includes delivery by courier to your preferred location be it home, work or the local fitter. Prices are considerably less than you can buy direct. prices and sizes are as follows:

  • 285/35 R20 £255.00 +VAT (RRP is £340.34 +VAT)
  • 315/30 r20 £280 +VAT  (RRP £374.40 +VAT)

That’s a HUGE saving!

These items will be in the shop from 1 March


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