GTR Owners Club Annual General Meeting Minutes

by Roger_Burgess
4 years ago

The GTROC Annual General Meeting 2013 was held at the Royal Automobile Club, Woodcote Park, Surrey on November 9th 2013.

Present at the AGM were the following GTROC Members:

Jeff Ludgate ( Ludders )
Sherry Gardner ( Oracles )
Kriss Weightman ( Speed Merchant )
Steve Riches (steve)
Neil Westley ( Grimbling Gibbon )
Barry Pomfret ( Barry P )
Roger Burgess ( Rog350z )
John Miskin ( Nurburgringgtr )
Andy Speer ( Aardvark )
Ian Smith ( IMS )
David Greenhalgh ( atco )
Ross Stewart ( Ross )
Shaun Lawless ( Nismoman )
Adam Hill ( Sidepipe )
John Fuggles ( fuggles )
Elliot Charge ( e-charge )
Andrew Bennett
Ville Vihavainen ( Vihis )
Jack Roberts (mudflap)
Chairmans thanks and special commendation
To GTROC member Shaun Lawless for the ;loan of his FIA GT1 R35 ex-race car. The car was displayed for the week prior to the AGM in the main entrance lobby of the Royal Automobile Club Pall Mall London. Many thanks for the massive pre-dawn effort in fitting the car through the main RAC Club entrance (by removing the revolving doors and the R35s own doors) Thank you Shaun the car helped raise the profile of the club and caused quite a stir amongst journalists and RAC members.
It is with great honour that we are able to confirm that Hiroshi Tamura has kindly agreed to continue in his role as GTROC Honorary President.
Mr. Tamura was named Chief Product Specialist of the GT-R in April 2013, responsible for the program to continually refine and improve on the car’s already impressive performance, as well as the upcoming Nissan GT-R Nismo, the ultimate GT-R. Mr. Tamura is highly respected for his long an influential involvement within Nissan Japan in the development of the many models of GTR.
Chairman for the past ten years, John Fuggles has stepped down at this year’s AGM as per notice given some months previously. The Club thanks John for his stewardship of the Club since it’s foundation and we acknowledge the enormous body of work he has carried out on behalf of the Club over the years. Not least in organising a fantastic AGM and dinner this year at the RAC both at Woodcote Park and at the RAC Pall Mall on the Sunday which marked the 10th Anniversary of the GTROC. We are pleased to say that John will remain a member of the GTROC and is still the owner of a genuine BeeRacing R32-4 GTR and we look forward to continuing to see him at club events for the foreseeable future. John has also agreed to continue as the Club Ambassador to Japan where we will continue to benefit from his vast experience and personal network
Nominations were heard for members of the board and management team.
The majority of the management team will retain their involvement next year, with one or two new members coming on-board. I won’t list them all in these minutes but they will all be making themselves known over the coming weeks.
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Ian Smith reported that the Club’s finances are in excellent order with the necessary amounts pre-allocated to planned on going improvements during the coming year for the benefit of the Club’s members.
The Club’s accounts were circulated and approved unanimously – NOTE a copy of the accounts is available on request by any club member.  Please contact if you wish a copy.
Commercial Update
The vice chairman reported on successful initiatives such as discounted tyre offers for members and other tie-ins with sponsors and manufacturers for 2014.
As planned the vice chairman provided access to a beta version of the new Club on-line events calendar. This will provide enhanced functionality to all members to sign up and register and pay for upcoming events. This is being rolled out to members with the cooperation of the forum and will go live over the coming weeks along with a new Club FAQ document outlining the on-going relationship between the Club and the forum and its owners.
Nissan Update
The vice chairman and John Miskin reported exciting new changes within Nissan surrounding the Nismo brand and thier regular meetings with Nissan UK to discuss joint initiatives which are already in place for 2014.
Key 2014 Events
The key events for 2014 were discussed and agreed (a list is to be announced shortly)
Proposed Rule Change
A proposed change to the Club’s Rule 5 was proposed and approved, the exact wording to be announced later by the new board and not requiring further approval. The rule change essentially allows for a change to only four elected board members and a more flexible approach to appointing members of the wider management team at any point throughout the year. Essentially those members of the management team already in established roles will retain their roles but the functions of the roles may be shared more evenly allowing members to be involved in individual events or activities in a less restrictive capacity. In other words if you are a member and would like to help organise a Club event during the calendar without taking on a wider or permanent role you can at any point be co-opted onto the management team by the board.
Election of Officers
At the AGM the following members were elected unanimously to the Board
Roger Burgess – GTROC Chairman
Ross Stewart – GTROC Vice Chairman
Ian Smith – GTROC Treasurer
Malcolm Thomas – GTROC Club Secretary
BTCC Touring Car Driver Jake Hill has kindly agreed to continue in his role as Club Instructor for 2014. Facebook and Twitter accounts were reported as having gained viewers and followers.
The AGM was adjourned for the day prior to the evening awards dinner
See separate report on the 2013 Club awards recipients.
Minutes prepared by the Club Secretary