Severn Valley Motorsports Qashqai GTR

by Kriss Merchant
4 years ago

SVM publically launched their QASHQAI R – GTR Version – at this years Autosport International Show 2014 held at the Birmingham NEC.


Response to the vehicle was simply awesome & the praise received at the event was over whelming which meant the hours of struggle & planning for the SVM team were all worth it! However it didn’t mean that the SVM team were going to stop there as since Autosport they have had more time to play with their creation giving it various tests & much needed shakedowns, however most of them are stilled amazed at seeing a Qashqai travel down sounding like a Fire-breathing 1000bhp  R35 GT-R! The mind can struggle to comprehend that the two were put together! The Qashqai rides & drives like a R35, a few may dare to say better – but there will always be two schools of thought on that – but so far the handling, braking & acceleration have not caused any problems for the SVM team.

You also have to remind yourself that being a Qashqai it has the benefit of a full panoramic roof giving an airy feeling for those inside, plus all the space associated that comes with this particular model of Nissan! There is not another vehicle out on the Market that genuinely comes close to this beast.


At the moment the interior is a combination of four R35 GTR seats in the front and rear & an amalgamated dashboard belonging to both the Qashai & the R35 GTR!

SVM have made many upgrade options for the interior of their creation with the interior trim using many materials such as; Nappa leather; Alcantara; Dynamica; Suede; Vinyl; Carbon effect leatherette.


If anyone was also interested in purchasing one SVM can offer fixed back racing seats to heated recliners! As far as the engine goes it currently outputs around 1000bhp with SVM deciding to increase the Capacity of the Qashqai from 1.6 litres to around 4.1 litres! SVM also raised the Compression Ratio to create an engine that produced low end grunt as well as top end power. The Qashqai R is a Monster in disguise – as much as it can be – & they used a specially tweaked version of their record breaking stage 6 Garrett Core turbo chargers with almost OEM Spool! This gives the capabilities of producing over 1100bhp if required! The fuel system is unobtrusive yet has the facility to accommodate a variety of fuels including E85 working with the very latest in Injector technology from Asnu. The Engine is tuned via Ecutek’s latest ECU with the brakes & suspension all derived from the R35 GTR platform with suitable further modification!


SVM have had much media interest in the Qashqai R & very soon will be put through its paces with no holds barred in all three disciplines of the dyno, straightline and track! An initial video of a quick road test has been released on YOUTUBE to wet peoples appetities but a more in depth one will be forthcoming once venues for the testing has been announced.

The YOUTUBE video can be found here –

SVM have also put provisions into place to accommodate building a LHD as well … so watch this space!