The GTROC at the Goodwood Breakfast Meet

by Kriss Merchant
3 years ago

Every year the famous Goodwood Circuit opens its doors for its “Breakfast Meets” hosting a different theme from spring to autumn.The first meet is Supercar Sunday which is always full to the brim of the usual Porsche, Ferrari or Lambo brigade. However you do get the odd corker of car or classic turning up which is just why a number of GTROC members took their Skylines & GTR’s too!This year saw record numbers attend the circuit for the first breakfast Meet of the year & the whole place was filled to bursting by nine AM with cars & bikes!The marshals counted a handful fewer than one thousand exotic cars through the gates & due to numbers they also opened gate eleven on to the Lavant Straight to ease the traffic flow.

Spectator wise there were over fourteen thousand people in the circuit with coffee & bacon rolls running dangerously low by eleven AM!

As always a superb day was had by all along with some of the best weather of the year.

We’re looking forward to the next year already!

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