M17 GTR NISMO Pricing

by Kriss Merchant
1 year ago

First vehicle deliveries will be December 2016 & the car in the UK will be available for £149.995

This puts the car 20K more than the Porsche GT3RS & into second hand Ferrari or McLaren money.

Nissan have stated that there will be no addition charge for the colours of IBRANT READ, ULTIMATE SILVER, STORM WHITE or PEARL BLACK in the M17. However if you want STEALTH GREY that will cost an additional £2250.00 as well as having a longer lead time.

Due to the intricate production process of the new MY17, Nissan will only produce 350 cars annually which works out as less than one car per day. Spread this across all the countries of the world & the new GT-R NISMO will be one of the rarest cars on European roads with Nissan predicting only 44 of these cars out & about in 2018.

This means it will be rarer than the Porsche 918 & the McLaren 675 LT !

Nissans research shows that with the used MY14 NISMO GT-R selling at prices anything from £134.999 to £145.999; the M17 NISMO model will be five to ten thousand pounds more expensive. This represents good value for existing MY14 owners looking to trade up. Nissan are also offering those that ordered the MY17 NISMO GT-R on or after the 27th of May the ability to confirm or cancel the order as pricing was not clear at this time.

Due to the expected demand, along with the afore mentioned very limited production. Most customers will get their cars between January & March depending where they are in the queue.

If people have any questions regarding the MY17 GT-R NISMO then you can email nismo@nissan.co.uk