GTROC – We are now on #DRIVETRIBE!

6 years ago

So you may have seen it on social media, as well as over the internet & other motoring media. But the former Top Gear trio known as Clarkson, Hammond & May have started their own website that has been described by Clarkson as ‘YOUPORN but only with cars’ !!!

The GTROC already has established ties with an established “TRIBE” on the website called FOREVER 23.

However it has been decided that we will also have our own that will  contine to work with F23 as well. Naming was not difficult, spookily. So if you are already on DRIVETRIBE then you can find us under the name of :


This will be another social platform in which we keep our Members – as well as the rest of the world of course – aware of what the club is up to, supporting & attending to name but a few. Also whilst we are here we may as well remind you of where else you can find the GTROC on social media :

GTROC Facebook Page –

GTROC Facebook Group –

GTROC Twitter –