GTROC Membership Package Changes 2018

4 years ago

As a result of much discussion for nearly a year now, a decision has been made by the GTROC Board to remove the GTROC Lifetime Membership option from the Club.

The main reason for this decision is the long term financial well being of the Club, which despite being a not for profit company; is still registered as a Limited Company here in the UK & needs to be able to maintain a minimum financial outgoing.

A few examples of this are, but not limited to :

  • Ongoing & annual accounting fees.
  • Web & server hosting.
  • Being able to purchase tickets & stand space ahead of an event.
  • The purchase of stock for Membership Packs & the GTROC Online Shop.

Obviously there are more items & services but this is to give you an idea.

Can it be made “VERY” clear that those that currently have GTROC Lifetime Membership will retain their Lifetime Membership subject to the GTROC Club Rules*

The GTROC Annual Membership & Non UK Membership will continue & are unaffected by this decision.

However we do realise that by taking something away, we also need to reciprocate & offer something back in return as a replacement. So we have done not one, but two things.

  1. We are reinstating the “REWARD” of Lifetime Membership to someone who has done something extraordinary for the club**
  2. When a current Annual or Non UK Membership is in month eleven of its membership, that person will be able to apply for a new 3 YEAR MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE which of course will be discounted due to their commitment***

Details of the price & how to apply for this new three year Membership will be released next week & added to the GTROC Online Shop as we are still working out the technical side!

These changes will take effect with immediate effect as of today being the 24/01/2018.

If people have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact us – thank you for reading.

* So for example if a Lifetime Member breaks those rules & gets a temporary ban, then on being allowed to return to the club that Life Membership will be lost unless regained as per point one above.

** Before the days of the GTROC Executive Membership – which then became Lifetime Membership. Someone who did something extraordinary for the Club was shown their appreciation by being award the “Mark Apsley Trophy” at that years GTROC Annual Dinner & Awards Ceremony. Upon receiving this, the said person was granted Lifetime Membership to the Club. This has been reinstated, but the GTROC Board can also grant this outside of the trophy as well – as recently proved by awarding Tony & Mark Gillam of Abbey Motorsports for services to the Club & the Skyline / GT-R community. Congratulations to you both! Remember that all applications for GTROC Membership are & always have been subject to GTROC Board Approval.

*** Subject to approval by the GTROC Board – if this is refused then the option to continue Annual Membership may be given.