Now Don’t Get Excited …

3 years ago

Happy New Year!

So well over a decade on the market, the R35 GT-R is the oldest passenger car in Nissan’s lineup & will likely have to stick it out for a while longer. Eventually the Japanese automaker will have to phase it out & replace it with a new model – the R36 GT-R.

So favourite pastimes of artists are rendering their projections on what it may look like & this belongs to Enoch Gabriel Gonzales.

The budding automotive designer out of the Philippines has clearly drawn some familiar cues from the current GT-R & other more recent Nissan designs updating the for 2021 – & to be honest it isn’t that bad is it!

So chopped roof line like the 370Z, the aggressive application of Nissan’s signature V-Motion grille. Angular & intricate headlights with protruding taillights obviously inspired by the Italdesign guppy fish GT-R50).

So better or worse than the GT-R50?

You decide.