NISMO GT-R Breaks Tsukuba Lap Record for Production Cars

2 years ago

The MY20 Nissan R35 NISMO GT-R broke the lap time record in a time attack on the Tsukuba Circuit back on the 09th of December 2019.

NISMO race driver Tsugio Matsuda drove the record breaking lap with a lap time of 59.3 seconds, beating the last production car track record.

Whilst it doesn’t carry the kudos of something like the Nurburgring – chiefly because Tsukuba is only 1.2 miles long – a lap record is still a lap record. And 59.3 seconds is still very, very fast.

In fact it’s the first production car to dip under a minute at the circuit compared to the majority of other supercar laps, including the old NISMO R35 which was around the 60 to 61-second mark. The video of this on YOUTUBE that was released doesn’t really get across the speed of a 59 second lap, interspersing the on-board footage with interviews & drive-bys.

As for the MY20 NISMO GT-R to beat rivals like the 911 GT3 RS, Audi R8 V10 Plus & the Radical SR4 – this ranks as an achievement for a 10 year-old car.

Well done.