Build your own GT-R

We have now added another blogger to our fold!  Along with Ville, Time Attack exploits and Jann blogging about his life since winning the GT Academy we now have a two year development programme on how to build your own GT-R.  Actually it’s a 1/8th scale model but nevertheless we will be following it on a monthly basis as Aki builds his first supercar – even if it does take him two years!

The model has many working parts such as lights (and all the usual doors, bonnet, boot/trunk etc.  But better than that the kit really does have the finest of details when it comes to building a car with individual components to make it as near realistic as possible.

Aside from taking on the task of building this Aki is also the GTROC’s Representative in Japan and a key man in the GTROC organisation.  Over many years he has been instrumental in helping the Japan tours go well and it is hoped one day soon we can repay his hospitality should he ever get to visit Europe  Aki’s passion is his R33 GT-R but admits to a hankering for a new GT-R too.

The 1/8th scale model comes in weekly instalments and is fully endorsed by Mizuno-san  Here’s a taste of what to expect


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