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    Engine Bay Detail.

    This detail package is ideal for customers who already have protection on their car and want to keep it looking as good as when it arrived from the factory.

    Over time engine bays accumulate oil, dirt and general grime. Most people concentrate on the exterior and interior of the car, and these areas normally get left. We offer a detailing package that returns your engine bay to its original factory look. We never use pressure washers, and the whole detail is completed by hand, ensuring all electrical and sensitive items are covered and protected as much as possible.

    This package is a yearly detail depending on how much you use your car, and how your car is stored.

    Please note: A pre inspection form will be completed before work, and a waiver is to be signed before work commences.

    • Estimated Time: 1-2hrs
    • Price: From £60
    • Mobile service from £10

    Pre detail inspection carried out, and any imperfections or damage recorded.

    1. All electrical and sensitive areas covered as best as possible.
    2. Inside of bonnet and engine bay rinsed with free flowing water to remove as much dirt and grime as possible.
    3. Citrus degreaser/ APC (All purpose cleaner) or degreaser sprayed over all surfaces depending on level of contamination.
    4. All areas agitated with dedicated brushes and swabs.
    5. Inside of bonnet and engine bay rinsed with free flowing water.
    6. Engine bay dried using microfibre towels and air drying machine.

    Final inspection, and any areas that need attention are re-cleaned.

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