GTROC 2022 AGM – Email that went out.

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    A copy of the email that was sent to all paying and lifetime members on the 29/01/2022 more details to follow.

    The 2022 GTR Owners Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Evening Social.

    AGM Date : Saturday 26th February 2022
    Venue : Near Bicester / Silverstone in Oxfordshire

    Dear GTROC Member,

    We are sending this email to GTROC Lifetime and Annual members and also recently lapsed members to let you know about the upcoming GTROC Annual General Meeting and evening social event.

    The AGM and accompanying election process takes place during the four weeks prior to the AGM and it includes the election of the GTROC Board Officials.

    All members are invited to attend both the AGM and evening social event and to also take part in the nomination and election process.

    However, after two postponements of the AGM due to the COVID pandemic we are aware it’s now been several years since, in particular that  some our lifetime members signed up for the then Lifetime Membership option.

    So we must first ask you to confirm if you would like to:

    1. Continue to receive emails from the GTROC.
    2. Participate via email,  in the process of election of the GTROC board members for 2022 and attend the AGM.

    We ask therefore that you please respond to this email by sending an email reply to :

    Just send a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the questions above to let us know if we can continue to contact you via email and if you would like to join us at the AGM and or participate in the nomination and election process.

    Non replies will be treated as a “No” and we will remove you from our mailing list. You can also press unsubscribe at the bottom of this email. You can sign up again at any time with an email.

    We will then contact all those respondents, with their permission in order to provide full details of the AGM and how you can participate in the stages of the election process leading up to the AGM.

    This invitation will also be posted within the forum in the Members Clubhouse which requires you to log in on this website :

    We very much look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind Regards,

    Ross Stewart (Ross) GTROC Club Chairman

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