Please Read – GTROC Online Shop FAQs


    This thread will give answers to the most frequently asked questions that get sent to the Clubs Online Shop & thus hopefully cut the amount of emails received. Please refer back to this post as things will get updated with any new frequent / new questions that come up.

    Q. Is the GTROC Online Shop staffed 24/7?

    A. No it isn’t. The GTROC is run by unpaid volunteers who do this in their own time for the love of the Club. We are not amazon!

    Q. What is the best way to contact the GTROC Online Shop?

    A. email – or

    Q. How can I set up a PAYPAL account?

    A. Simply go to their website at  & go from there.

    Q. Can you pay other than by PAYPAL?

    A. You can make a card payment through PAYPAL without an account – see their website for details.

    Q. Do you actually hold any stock items?

    A. Some items yes. However if the item comes direct from the supplier, from the moment you have paid a copy of the invoice is also sent to them. So make sure your address/shipping address & details are correct & hence also why your order can take up to 25 working days or more especially to items sent outside the UK.

    Q. I paid for my item yesterday, why hasn’t it arrived today?

    A. Yes, seriously we have had emails like this. We are not amazon!

    Q. Is the GTROC online shop based at your main address?

    A. No it is not as the Clubs registered address.

    Q. I have paid my GTROC membership & my pack still has not arrived a month later?

    A. 99.9% of the time it is because it won’t fit through your letterbox as they have to be signed for on delivery. If it is being sent outside the UK this can also delay things as well as if its returned to your local sorting office & fail to collect it within their required times.

    7 years, 10 months ago
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