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    Well … what can I say, another superb event which despite being at a new location was better than last year!

    The Newark Showground is a superb location, very good facilities, flat grounded with no problems for low cars & easy to get to no matter where you drive from. I have to say it was superb drive to & from for myself from the M25 to the M11, A14 & then the A1(M) !!! Same route for the GTROC AGM in November too :thumb:

    I know people using the outlying shower blocks had some chilly experiences at night or very early morning, but the main block had very hot showers 24/7 which is a win, win at an event like this. For some reason some idiots decided to block the main toilets twice over the four days as well. It makes you ask do they do this in their own homes !?!! However this was sorted out by the organisers on both occasions. Rubbish bin collection was also a little slow to get going, but let’s face it – it’s the first year of the show at a brand new location. There will be teething problems & I imagine the JAE staff & team had some challenging times over the four days, but overall it was done admirably.

    After speaking to those on our stand we all said improvements could be :

    * More portaloos as a three minute walk on a full bladder is not fun – especially for the beer swilling ladies :D
    * Cleaners used how Wicksteed Park did it – almost constantly 24/7 for toilets & showers.
    * More bin collections – they fill up fast!
    * Stands more clearly marked – signs as well as the white lines on the grass.
    * Friday day tickets – we had a few members having to pay £30 just to for turning up on Friday only – ouch!

    So for those that went as well as those that didn’t, we have a joint stand with a Highlands based Japanese car club called Team Sushi. We’ve done this every year now since the first JAE at Wicksteed Park when they booked a stand but there was no room at the inn for them after a very long drive! For GTROC JAE regulars they are like family & a great bunch in the fact we just act as one huge conglomerate for the four days :)

    So this year we had about forty cars on & off over the whole four days on our stands. Team Sushi aside we had R32’s, R33’s, R34’s & the R35 as well. Had someone not had to go to a funeral we also would of had an earlier model too – hope everything went well Dave & look forward to seeing you next year. It was lovely to see the GTROC Treasurer come down Friday with his out of mothballs R34 in a stunning red & spend all day Saturday doing his usual annual clean which he’s done over many JAE’s! The GTROC Vice Chairman – Dave Wilkins – also came down for the entire four days to help out & show off his newly fixed R33 GTR too – as well as act as equipment carrier like Ghost Wolf (Jim) & myself – thank you Dave.

    In fact there are far too many people to thank in some shape or another. Everyone said they had a great time & it’s a cop-out to say but thank you to everyone who attended the stand, helped out, provided alcohol, did photography, provided equipment for the club stand, acted the fool, told jokes, bantered, visited etc. – you all know who you are ;) Yes Team Sushi, my second family, you too are included in that!

    All I can add is that if you have never tried one of our club stands at this event – you really should!
    We had an awesome marquee this year that was large enough to park cars in, generator for electric & lighting & the famous GTROC BBQ. We serve breakfast, lunch & dinner with discoveries such as the “Speedie Oinking Wrap” which is a mutation of the bacon wrap bloody & VERY filling as we all found our. Plus the “Speedie (see the pattern) Southern Chicken Wrap” was back with a vengeance … Did we mention the two inch thick Aberdeen Angus steak burgers !?!!
    Beverage wise people bring a ton of alcohol which is shared between the two clubs as well as the usual tea, coffee & hot chocolate … oh and water this year served in the tradional large Amercian college red disposable cups :D

    All you need for the weekend is a “good” tent as the location is an airfield technically, so it’s windy & the Friday night rain was heavy & driving at many times which is nothing a good tent won’t cope with. A cheap or poor tent … bring a lifesaver & a paddle! Or an air mattress as we can pump those up using the generator & you can float on those in your cheap tent!

    There was even a birthday party with cakes too Saturday !!!

    Tempted? See you in 2016!

    So … photo from various sources are starting to come in, so as I’m typing this at three in the morning on my iPad at work I’ll start posting photos from later today or tomorrow ;)

    7 years, 2 months ago
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