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    So does this event really need an intro, but there is a lot of information so please read carefully …

    J.A.E is the ultimate social weekend for Japanese car owners, Japanese car clubs, tuners & traders. it takes place every year in early September and attracts over 3,000 Japanese cars to the show.

    The four day weekend event is a family affair encouraging car clubs to mix and compete in a range of events and competitions.

    For the casual visitor it is the largest gathering of purely Japanese cars in Europe and a chance to see some amazing cars and enjoy four days of fun at this ultimate social gathering.

    JAE is the perfect place for like minded owners & traders to meet up and enjoy what is the popular Japanese car culture, it has been previously quoted as “the perfect way to do business”.

    JAE began as a meeting of Datsun Z club members as far back as 1991 & with the growing interest in Japanese cars as both classics & modern super cars since that time.

    It has grown to the largest gathering of Japanese vehicles of all types in Europe and continues to grow steadily without forgetting its roots.

    With everything from 60s (& earlier) classic / retro machines to the latest electronically controlled supercars, the show has something for everyone throughout the weekend!

    If you’ve never been to JAE it’s simple …

    “Turn up, park, camp (or book a local hotel), light the barbecue, sit back & relax”!

    To get onto this years GTROC Stand you need to do the following things.

    1. Purchase a GTROC Stand Ticket from the GTROC Online Shop = HERE
    2. Put you name on the list on the thread below your coming as we need to know how many to cater for!
    3. Goto the J.A.E website & purchase your relevant ticket = HERE

    That’s it, nothing simpler other than just bring yourself along!

    For those of you that have never been on the GTROC Stand over the many years at this event, to say we have had some epic times & laughs is an understatement!

    • We’ve won best club stand.
    • We’ve been featured in many of the major car magazines.
    • We have always had the full spread of the Skyline, Stagea & GT-R family on display inc. a R35 GT1 GT-R, an R30 Iron Mask & a KGC-10!
    • We’ve been known to still be awake at sun up!
    • Have partaken in the weekend competitions or assisted other clubs to compete!
    • Had guests on the stand from Nissan employees to actual celebs!

    The GTROC Stand as always is open to GTROC Members as well as non members who own Skylines, Stageas and R35s. Whether you have a GTS, a G35 or a Stagea any marque of the family is welcome as we do not differentiate. As long as its Japanese we will consider other models as we always have a joint stand with Team Sushi!

    So to answer the usual question for first times why do I have to buy a GTROC Stand Ticket & what does it include?

    • Your pride & joy on the GTROC Stand of course!
    • Camping pitch for your tent on the stand.
    • Hot drinks for four days free of charge.
    • Soft drinks until they run out.
    • Breakfast on Friday, Saturday & Sunday – oh hell Speedie Bacon & Breakfast wraps©
    • Lunchtime snacks including genuine Japanese Pot Noodle soup things!
    • Evening meal on Friday & Saturday.
    • We have a generator for power & light in the evenings.
    • Lit marquee incase of inclement weather.
    • Evening fire pit.

    Remember that whilst the food & beverage stands at J.A.E are better priced than other annual events & shows, but our stand tickets will save you an absolute fortune even over a single day on food & drink!


    • For all owners & enthusiasts to join us – you’d be surprised how many just come for the social aspect with no car!
    • All Skyline owners welcome.
    • All Stagea owners welcome.
    • All R35 owners welcome.


    • Chair(s) – folding, camping, inflatable!? You will want to sit down.
    • Travel Mug/Cup – whilst we have a supply of plastic U.S. red party cups, they are not endless!
    • Alcohol – whilst everyone kinda throws in to the beer tubs bring your own but we don’t tolerate drunk & disorderly!
    • If your a vegetarian YOU MUST LET ME KNOW … but there is plenty of grass on site!
    • Tent – unless your wimping in a local hotel or B&B!
    • Hayfever Tablets – countryside folks, you may need them!
    • Sunglasses / Umbrella.

    This list is not extensive obviously & things will be added as we get nearer the time!


    Since the first time JAE moved to WICKSTEED PARK, we helped a small Scottish car club out who were stranded as despite booking a club plot, there wasn’t one available ! So it was from this fateful day & every year since, Team Sushi & the GTROC have always had a joint stand at JAE. They are a great bunch of people, the best you can meet & get to know & have become family to most us. They own an array of fine Japanese machinery other than our own marquee & we are looking forward to seeing them soon.

    So … after reading all that and having a brain fart, read it a few more times and if you have any questions then please ask below or send me a PM. I would like to remind you to please only add your name once you have purchased your GTROC stand ticket which is in the GTROC Online Shop.

    GTROC J.A.E STAND 2017 :

    1. Speed Merchant = Veilside R32 GT-R
    2. Ghost Wolf = R33 GTS-T
    3. Ross = Janspeed R32 GT-R
    4. Dave = Hairdressing 350Z

    GTROC MEDIA - http://gtroc.org/forums/topic/the-gtroc-on-the-internet/


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