The 2019 GTR Owner’s Club AGM – GTROC Board Elections

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    The 2019 GTR Owner’s Club Annual General Meeting (AGM)

    Date: Saturday, 30th November 2019

    Venue: British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire. CV35 0BJ

    Dear GTROC Member,

    The AGM will commence at 14:00 in the Board Room of the Museum on the afternoon of Saturday 30/11/ 2019. All current members are welcome and may attend the AGM .

    Each year just prior to the AGM itself the current elected members that hold the four “board” positions above will “stand down” and these positions will be re-appointed for 2020 as per the results of an election by the members.
    These positions are as follows:

    • Club Chairman, Currently this is Ross Stewart (Ross)
    • Club Vice Chairman, Currently this is Kriss Merchant (Speed Merchant)
    • Club Treasurer, Currently this is Jeff Ludgate (Ludders)
    • Club Secretary, Currently this is Malcolm Thomas ( Netrunner)

    Over the next few weeks as per club rules, elections will therefore be held for the four positions above that will comprise the GTROC “board” for 2020 The first part of this election process is to invite nominations from GTROC members for the above four positions:

    You may nominate any fellow member or yourself to any of the above positions. You must have been a member for two years prior to the AGM date.

    Nominations from members are accepted only via e-mail to the Club Secretary at: There will be a cut-off for each part of the process. Initially all nominations should be received by the Club Secretary by 18.00hrs on the 25th October 2019.

    The next part of the process will then commence whereby each nominee will be asked to decide if they are willing to stand for their nominated roles. Notices to nominees to accept their nomination will be sent out via e-mail by 11:00hrs on the 25th October 2018.

    Each nominee must then confirm if they are willing to stand in their chosen nominated position no less than four weeks before the Annual General Meeting. All confirmations must therefore be received via e-mail by 2nd November 2019 latest to the Club Secretary at:

    A list of confirmed nominees for election will then be posted on the forum three weeks before the AGM by the 9th November 2019 a ballot paper will then be sent out by email to all members in order to vote for their chosen nominee.

    All ballot papers should be returned via e-mail to by 18:00 on the 23rd November 2019, in order that votes may be compiled and acknowledgements sent out in advance of the AGM.

    If you wish to attend the AGM in person please inform the Club of your attendance when returning your completed ballot paper via email to the Club secretary so the Club can cater for expected numbers on the day.  Attendees of the awards dinner will be able to reserve their places on the GTROC forum and also on Facebook as more details are published.

    During the election period which will follow, a short statement may be posted by each nominee for consideration by the members if they so wish on the Club forum.

    Members may forward comments and suggestions for inclusion in the Agenda for the meeting which will follow the AGM.

    Please do so via email to by the 23rd November 2018.

    Parking is free at Gaydon.

    Museum entry is £10.00 entry to the AGM only is free.

    We look forward to meeting you on Saturday 30th November

    Kind regards,
    Ross Stewart (Ross) GTROC Club Chairman
    Malcolm Thomas (Netrunner) GTROC Club Secretary

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