The Third GTROC London Meet 2019 – Sat 31st August 2019 – Ace Cafe London


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    Third GTROC London Meet 2019

    • Ace Corner, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London, NW10 7UD
    • Start Time : 11:00am
    • Finish Time : 04:00pm

    The venue is based on the old North Circular Road which spookily is right next to the new one with nearby fast road links to the M4, M25 & M1. Being held late morning onwards & nearby to the Brent Cross Shopping Centre, you can easily drop off the wife/girlfriend/partner/mistress/boyfriend for retail therapy whilst you indulge your passion or hobby! There is also plenty of nearby off street parking available for non owners to be able to come down, look around & partake of the excellent facilities of the Ace Cafe London too.

    Please read everything below carefully as they all apply …

    1. This meeting is for Nissan Skyline, Stagea or GT-R Models.
    2. This is a fair & wet weather venue.
    3. The GTROC will also accept car park applications from all Datsun’s – all classic cars now – as well as other Nissan NISMO models such as the Duke etc.
    4. Entry is STRICTLY by confirmation from the GTROC once you have sent your required details – otherwise you will be street parked – see below how to apply.
    5. GTROC Members (paid) must also register & inform us you are coming due to space limitation.
    6. The Ace Cafe London ‘is’ open to the general public on the day – not the car park though!
    7. The Ace Cafe London is a family venue so children will be present.
    8. Only food or drink that has been purchased at the Ace Cafe can be consumed on the premises.
    9. There is an on-licence at the venue so be sensible no drinking & driving – Police have setup to check those leaving in the past & staff will report you if they suspect you are over the limit.
    10. The Ace Cafe London is also in a residential area so keep your noise down!
    11. There are a lot of overt & covert Police that use the Ace Cafe London & are aware of all the GTROC Meets as we tell them!
    12. The area is also well covered with CCTV & Traffic Enforcement Cameras.
    13. The 2019 GTROC Event Rules apply in full – see the forum.
    14. GTROC Members (paid) are also under the Club Rules – see the Members section.
    15. This meeting is a static meeting, so you turn up, park up & then leave.
    16. Please drive to, arrive & leave the venue & surrounding area sensibly.
    17. We will not tolerate dangerous driving, so common sense here means no launches, burnouts, doughnuts, pops & bangs, unnecessary revving, flameouts, or drive bys.
    18. No canvassing of any kind without the express permission of the GTROC at this event.
    19. No politics, aggressive or anti-social behaviour to others.
    20. The GTROC will always fully assist in any prosecution by Police or Civil Parties if you are caught & linked to this meet doing anything illegal.

    Main Car Park Application :

    Send the required details to the GTROC London Rep – who is known as E-Charge on here – with the following information :

    • Full Name.
    • Colour / Make / Model of your Skyline, Stagea or R35.
    • Registration number ( VRM )

    All of the above details are in full & are a strict requirement. These details are under data protection so we don’t sell these on or give them out! Lack of information merely means you will be street parking. Please note :

    1. To be in the main car park you must arrive in a Skyline, Stagea or an R35 or associated pre-approved models.
    2. If the car you initially registered in has broken down, gone for a holiday or is currently in the workshop then your ‘other’ car won’t be allowed in as nice & or as rare as they may be – only registered & approved cars!
    3. You cannot vouch or register for friends before or on the day! They must apply like everyone else already has!
    4. We have a fifty (50) car limit in the main car park on a first come, first served basis.

    Please just remember that rules are for fools & the guidance of wise men. Common sense is the King here as always & that this meeting is for your benefit as part of ‘your’ hobby & passion.

    You are among like minded people so please don’t ruin it for the vast majority of owners & enthusiasts who do attend.

    For 99.9% of you these rules have never been a problem as we have always had them.

    However if you have no respect or can’t follow these rules then kindly p**s off to your local car park/industrial/retail estate with your chav mates as you aren’t wanted.

    We very much look forward to seeing you & any family you bring & of course your pride & joy on the day. There will of course leading up to the event be the much sacrificing of chavs & idiots on the ‘Furnace Altar’ of the Weather Gods for a fine dry day!

    Any problems then please contact us.

    We aren’t publishing a list at this time but we currently have :

    • 15 Cars Attending

    Any questions, please contact me.



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