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    After much thought & deliberation the GTROC will not be attending what the organisers are now calling a mixed event by combining the TRAX event & the postponed JAPFEST SILVERSTONE from May of this year.
    We know from conversations with many of you that you were not happy with the organisers decision to do this & have either sought refunds or validated your ticket(s) for the 2021.
    At the end of the day & in light of the current situation, despite the event being moved to October – so probably cold, wet, windy & pissing down – as a Club we have a responsibility & duty of care to our Members & enthusiasts who attend our stands. From speaking with many of you points you mentioned were :
    1. You can’t apply social distancing at that show of this size, you can try but it won’t work!
    2. Are the organisers & Silverstone really going to clean & sanitise everything at the event – “all” the toilets, showers, food stalls, camping facilities etc. etc. etc.
    3. Are they really going to have a cleaner go in, clean down and disinfect everything ready for the next person in the toilets, camping facilities & other areas of the event?
    4. Are they going to ensure every visitor has a mask on & how will they enforce it?
    We could go on …
    The GTROC like many was hoping this COVID-19 world would be over by now. But the truth is even if the death toll keeps falling, there will still be a possible risk of getting infected. Not to mention that there will still be a lot of restrictions to adhere to in early October – the event is less than three months away at the time of typing this.
    That all said, “IF” people still want to attend – unless it does get cancelled officially – then they do so at their own / your own risk & will be nothing to do with the GTROC or the organisers.
    For refunds or validiating tickets for next year, you can contact the organisers on :
    The GTROC thanks you for reading this & hopes you understand & we look forward to seeing you all on our award winning stand at JAPFEST SILVERSTONE 2021.



    1 year, 11 months ago
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