Why Can’t I See Much on this Forum?

  • GTROC Admin

    So as the title says its probably because you haven’t signed up for a free account on this website!

    By signing up with a free account you then become a Registered User. This allows you see a little more on the forum including our events section & links to the GTROC Market Place where individual’s can buy & sell parts, cars or other items acceptable under the terms & conditions.

    To open up the forum completely then you need to become an Annual or GTROC Member – we have another thread in the WELCOME section explaining how to do – for the price of less than a tank of petrol! Once you are a Member then we have a Members Area, GTROC Partners area who are people or companies with special offers just for you. Plus guides & tutorials & a few other sections as well.

    We as a Car Club also appreciate that in this day in age of ‘Social Media’, a lot of people think forums as debunked, unnecessary or old skool.

    However our forum is used more as a ‘Club House’ for those Registered Users or mainly for GTROC Paid Members. Much of our past information, articles & guides are stored there along with who our GTROC Partners are & what they offer Paid Members in discounts or services.


    10 months, 2 weeks ago
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