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    No unfortunately not, I don’t think it will see the road this year.
    The only update I can give is that I bought the downpipe and fuel pump.
    FPR & AFR I still need to order.

    I also bought this in stead of my hi-power HKS. The HKS was loud and had a very annoying drone at cruising speed.
    I found this Nismo exhaust for sale, I hope it will be…[Read more]

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    Nice trip, I did a similar trip in April.
    I drove from Madrid to the south coast, beautiful roadtrip.
    “Unfortunately” I had a rented Opel Cascada Convertible, not a GTR.
    But it was the perfect vehicle for the trip.


    BTW: Some of your pictures/youtube clips are broken
    edit: It’s fixed…[Read more]

  • This year I was at JAE with the Micra of my girlfriend, maybe somebody spotted a Micra with a Belgian license plate?
    I didn’t had my Skyline yet, my Carina is under construction and my 118d company car is too boring :D.
    I was drinking a pint with my mate outside with the view on the Micra of my girlfriend and he said as a joke “The Micra of Astrid…[Read more]