Barry Wheeler GTROC

  • Hi, thanks for the welcome, I have got one picture of another member ( forgotten his name but he came from Exeter and had a GTR 33 also) sat filming from the passenger seat whilst I was driving my car around Castle Combe. I think it was some kind of club day with only GTROC members and a lot of SAAB turbo’s there and we took turns. That car was r…[Read more]

  • It’s about 12-13 years since I was last on here and I’ve changed email address and forgotten my log in details so I’ve had to re-register and it has changed!

    Anyway Hello to all, I can’t remember the names of the people I knew before so if they are still here and recognise my name apologies for not remembering yours.

    I used to own 2 GTR 33’s…[Read more]

  • Barry Wheeler became a registered member 8 months ago